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Intelligent solutions for the paper and film processing industry

No matter in which area of the processing industry you operate, we will mutually find the solution for your application. As a competent partner in coating, we offer individual systems in different thicknesses and widths on almost all carrier materials.

In addition, you also receive customized solutions from us for the final process in all formats, such as coils, sheets, die-cuts etc. We would be pleased to assist you in the process analysis for the optimal utilization of our adhesive solutions.

Label stock - solutions Application: coating of facematerial / label stock

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  • Adhesive coating from 3μm up to 500μm thicknesses
  • Coating width up to 1500mm
  • Temperature resistance from -40°C up to +250°C
  • Low emission

Customer benefit:

  • Individual adhesive solutions for your special combination of face materials / label stock
  • For demanding application requirements
  • Toll coating or tapes for laminating
  • 9 different pressure sensitive adhesive technologies plus bonding films provide best technical & commercial solutions


  • Various (existing or customized)

Lohmann Bonding Solutions for Card & Passport Systems

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Advantages of Lohmann Superior Bonding Films:

  • High transparency, no color shifting, no inclusions in the coating process
  • Forgery proof, irreversible bonding, resistance against high temperature and solvent
  • No delamination at temperatures of up to 150°C or after contact with solvents
  • No bleeding in lamination process
  • Pre-lamination possible
  • Range from high lamination temperature to low lamination temperature
  • High cohesion, adhesion and thermal stability after cross linking
  • Good bonding to most common card and passport material and different printing inks

Customer benefit:

  • Support of shorter lamination cycles down to seconds
  • Production of cards on demand
  • Independent from roll or sheet lamination
  • Decrease of production costs
  • High security because of additional cross-linking reaction
  • More flexible in design & production process
Innovative Adhesive Solutions for Cards and Passports.pdf
Innovative Adhesive Solutions for Cards and Passports.pdf


Content_GRA_DuploFLEX FOL.jpg


  • The dimensional stable PVC film carrier in combination with an aggressive synthetic rubber pressure sensitive adhesive is particularly suitable for hard, low tolerance mounting of printing plaes in flexographic printing.
  • Excellent tolerance compliance.
  • The adhesive system has been developed for the mounting of photo-polymer plates.
DuploFLEX FOL / english / 76234
DuploFLEX FOL / english / 76234

Innovative adhesive solutions for advertising messages that stick!

As one of the world‘s leading companies in the field of adhesive solutions, Lohmann opens up completely new opportunities for you. Our products give you greater flexibility, both in design and the choice of material at your disposal. Come with us down fresh paths, way beyond conventional joining methods such as riveting, welding, screwing and working with liquid adhesives.

Many applications, unlimited opportunities: 

  • Perfect bonding of various materials
  • Greater design freedom
  • High-quality adhesive solutions
  • extensive application know-how
Werbematerial / deutsch / 76215
Advertising material / english / 76215

Please note that the minimum order value is £1,000.

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