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Innovative building materials, tight cost estimates and modern design trends - the construction industry of today faces many  challenges. Lohmann gives you peace of mind from having the right partner by your side. Our high-end adhesive tapes offer numerous advantages for facade, windows, doors, roof and interior applications.

Such benefits include immediate bonding, high user-friendliness, greater design freedom and improved energy efficiency within buildings. The flexibility offered by pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes results in their frequent use in automation processes, which means, they also make economic sense.


Tardis company building, Neuwied/Germany

  • Point-fitting bonding
  • Self-adhesive die-cut parts for permanent fixing of the Tardis high-tech glasing systems
  • Realized by Tardis, in cooperation with Lohmann

Lohmann: A competent partner for your complete process

Content_B&RE_Indor-VapourBarrier-250.jpg Content_B&RE_OutdoorVapourBarrier-250.jpg
Indoor vapor barrier tapes Outdoor vapor barrier tape
Content_B&RE_VapourBarrierTape_AirtightSealing.jpg Content_B&RE_IVaporBarrierSealingCord-250.jpg
Vapor barrier new generation Vapor barrier sealing cord

Content_B&RE_SheetCladding_Metal.jpg Content_B&RE_Facade_AirtightSealing_PlasterProfile.jpg
Curtain wall and cladding Plaster profile bonding
Content_B&RE_TransitionProfile-250.jpg Content_B&RE_RoomDarkening-250.jpg
Assembly of transition profiles Room darkening systems
Content_B&RE_Flloring-250.jpg Content_B&RE_WallDecoration-250.jpg
Flooring material bonding Wall decoration
Partition wall assembly  

DuploCOLL® 918: A classic for mirror bonding

Held in place as if by magic: mirrors in many shapes and sizes. Be it on wood, ceramic, glass, metal or plastic. The connecting medium between the surfaces is DuploCOLL® 918. In use for more than 32 years.

Amount of adhesive for secure mirror fixing.


Height of mirror in m

Width of mirror in m

Thickness of mirror in mm

Result in kg

Amount of adhesive tape:

Two 19 mm widths per

metre length or

Two 25 mm widths per

metre length

Content_B&RE_Adapterprofil_Window.jpg Content_B&RE_DecorativeFilmBonding.jpg
Adapter profile for Static Direct Glazing
Bonding of decorative film
Content_B&RE_DoorPanelSystem_3TapeStripes.jpg Content_B&RE_Interior_Tuerverklebung-Decoleisten.jpg
Bonding of door panels Bonding of decorative elements
Content_B&RE_Architecture_MuntinBarBonding.jpg Content_B&RE_Aussenverklebung_Window.jpg
Bonding of muntin bars Static Direct Glazing of glass

Please note that the minimum order value is £1,000.

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