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Revolutionized glazing process: New generation Lohmann SDG® adhesive tapes

With their "Static Direct Glazing" (SDG®) method, Lohmann's Building & Construction experts provide their customers in the fenestration industry with a reliable adhesive solution for static dry glazing for coated wood / aluminum-wood window systems.

Here, the insulation unit is bonded directly within the window casement. This results in several advantages for the design, processing and security of the windows. Narrower profile geometries as well as new material combinations allow for greater design freedom while the glazing process remains efficient and uncomplicated: bonding and sealing are combined in one tape (in wood/aluminum constructions there is no need for internal wet sealing or sealing profiles), the initial tack is high and the bond is resistant to temperature, UV radiation, aging, weathering and plasticizers. Overall, increased stability and an even load transfer can be achieved, even with narrow, high elements within the window frame construction – frame corners, hardware components and the insulating glass pane are optimally relieved. Increased burglary resistance in resistance class RC2 (as well as RC3, with rebate base bonding and adhesive tape in the glass stop) is thus easily achieved. This tested system is now being revolutionized with a new generation of SDG® adhesive tapes. The new product variants DuploCOLL® 56056 and 56057 have extremely stable film liners that cannot be overstretched. In addition, the glazing process becomes even more precise and safe, as readjustments of the pane remain possible until the end. Previously, the release film was completely removed shortly before the insulating glass pane was bonded. Once the pane was blocked and positioned, there was then no more room for corrections. With the new SDG® adhesive tapes, the liner is only removed in the corners of the wooden frames before the glass pane is installed – after the final positioning and blocking of the IG pane has been carried out the remaining film is completely removed.

With easy handling to perfect results – please contact our Bonding Engineers if you would like to know more at building&construction@lohmann-tapes.com

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